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Recent Words - (II)






I love how my Father speaks to me in ways that draw me closer to Him…riddles, puzzles, questions, and my favorite – dichotomies.


Each year for the last many years Father has given me a simple word or phrase that would be my focus, or challenge, for the upcoming year (or several). Several years ago, before things began to seemingly come apart in my life He gave one simple word – Trust.


Not “trust in Me”, not “Trust Me I’m there” –but just “TRUST” and I learned how to live, breathe, taste and enjoy that word for the next several years.


I received the first part of this word on New Year’s Day – and I’ve waited the last few days to see if He was going to add to and/or finish and tonight He did.


Rapid acceleration (moving quickly from one place to another, being quickly promoted) through (by) resting (being at rest, being still, quiet before) in Him.


For those of you who know me you know how hard this is going to be for me – I can’t rest, I can’t stop, my mind goes 24/7 365, I multitask my multitasking – Which is why this word is so perfect for me and others like me.


Years ago I began to read “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ” by Madame Jeanne Guyon (late 17th century French mystic) and after reading several chapters I reached a point where she said “If you have reached this part in less than four months – you have gone to fast” I got there in about three days (lol). So I started again, and I’m starting again tonight. If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary I highly recommend “the Quitters Manual” by Jeremy Mangerchine - very similar construct.


Bottom line – we go too fast, are way too busy, trying to get quickly ahead – even when we try to rest we do it in cat naps and short session unless we might miss something. We are simply too busy trying to "do" stuff for God instead of listening and absorbing His presence and going from there.


Father is saying that if you want to get to where He is calling you as quickly as He wants you to get there then -




So I highly recommend these two books, and I challenge you to listen to Holy Spirit, learn to slow down and be at rest and in rest in His presence – and expect to see rapid acceleration and movement while you are there…only you can complete your journey – how you get there is up to you, but I see this as an answer to many who have been asking


When dear God, when….



Be blissed

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