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Recent Words (III)

 A SNIPER IN THE WALLS – I had a series of dreams early this morning (Aug 16th) that I knew to be specific to some issues I’m dealing with in my work environment, but as I meditated on them with Holy Spirit I knew that it was for several others.  I’ll explain more at the end.

In the first scene of the series - there was a major property (land) dispute between two groups of individuals, one group was poorer and had a number of minority members, the second group seemed to represent a local government entity (county/parish).

The dispute stemmed from some transactions that had occurred at some point in the distant past, but the effect was that there was a small strip of land (about 20 feet wide) belonging to the government that limited access to the bottom part of the first groups land from the home area.  The bottom area was important to them because it fronted the river and provided water for crops and animals on the upper part of the property.

 The dispute turned nasty when the first created a “bridge” on the lover part of the river allowing them to cross, the government group came in and created their own bridge farther downstream that the first group then demolished.  I heard one of the government inspectors make reference to a specific federal regulation that they were going to use to “take the property away” from these squatters.

In the next series – in the first scene I was in an office setting (similar to where I work now) but I was “undercover” and was not using my full name and titles.  I was trying to brief the management team on some issues that we had discovered, but nothing was coming together…

In the next scene I was working on a 65’ Impala that was old, rusted, but running.  There was a problem with the wiring for the headlights and taillights and I was working through the system until I found the short.  But just as I began to fix the short, it began to rain.

I ran to get a cover because the car had a sunroof in it but the glass was missing and the water was starting to go into the car…


As I ran into the building I heard a shot…


I looked around and in the corner to my left I saw some markings on the floor and the wall and the barrel of a rifle beginning to stick out.


I stuck a metal rod into the end of the barrel and caused the rifle to back fire.  I then took a section of the wall out and found a hidden sniper who had been there since the last war. (he was dressed as a WWII Japanese soldier – dedicated to the old ways and old leadership until the end)

I have a very good idea what these dreams mean to me, but Holy Spirit indicated to me that this is also important to an institutional church group (sorry He didn’t tell me which one). I normally don’t go into this much detail but Holy Spirit has been

Allow me to expand and share I what I feel Holy Spirit said about these dreams…

Somewhere there is a significant dispute over the “land” between two groups – the established church (government) and the “poor/minority” group (organic church)

  1. The government group is trying to control access to the “water” (anointing and power) and the minority group is moving anyway but is trying to create their own bridge and destroying the works of the government group – to the determent of the Body of Christ

  2. The office setting represent the administrative function of the church, but once again the established leadership is not listening to the “organic” group, even when the words come from individuals established and recognized by the body of Christ, but outside of their group, and continuing to do things their own way to the determent of the Body of Christ

  3. The institution church is a fairly old group, as represented by the 1965 Impala, but while it is running and functional, it’s rusty, worn out, the lights are not working and it’s leaking water, needing some serious help found outside their group.

  4. While they are a well-meaning group, they have been significantly hindered by many years of bad teaching and every time they try to break out … someone from within the walls has been taking shots at them, hitting and taking out the Pastor and leadership, causing them to stop any effort to move outside the “norm”