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The Beginning...

After approximately 13 years as the Worship Leader for Moriah Christian Center (MCC - Shelton's Church of the Foursquare Gospel) and 7 years of assisting and leading MCC’s Cleansing Stream program Marty and Sandy Best formed Whirlwind Ministries - which was incorporated in the state of Washington on December 18, 2001 for the purposes of teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Recently Rev. Marty reorganized and moved his association with IFM and is now licensed and ordained by Healing the Northwest Ministries and International, of Shelton WA.


Over the years, Rev. Marty (“Mr. Marty”) has traveled and ministered around the world (Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, and Kenya) and the United States.  The Lord has blessed him with a prophetic and an apostolic governmental anointing and he has been used mightily by the Lord in words of wisdom, words of knowledge, healing and deliverance.


He and his wife of over 42 years – Sandy – have lived in Shelton, Washington for over 27 years where they have two Christian Daycares where they have provided care and education for hundreds of children over the years.  (Rev Marty has even performed weddings for numerous parents from the daycares as well as one child that grew up in the daycare)


Their daughter Katie Pitroff (40) and her husband Ryan live in Lacey, Washington.  Their grandson Ethan is 11 (going on 20) and annointed of God (both "Papas" are ministers).   Katie's second child (daughter - Ayla) was born on April 8th is 5 - and the Lord has already shown that she has an apolostic calling. 

Their son Daniel (36) works as a Computer Scientist for Pacific Northwest National Labs in Richland, Washington and was married on January 3, 2004 to Ruth Ann Delozier.   Their first child - Ember MaryLynn Best, was born May 9th (8) and Briar Delany Best (5) was born on January 22

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