Whirlwind Ministries

Prophetic Dreams

INVERSE RAPTURE – First as a point of clarification I don’t believe in the pre-tribulation rapture any longer…but I had several very interesting dreams last night – part of one I shared this morning – and here is a couple of scenes from one just before I woke up (3-13-15)


I was in a large Hotel/Church/Convention center in what I believed to be Phoenix Az. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of people there and I began to speak to them about what God had been laying on my heart for this season.


Just after I started speaking the lights went out and there was what could best be described as a spiritual seismic event.  When the lights came back on I found myself in another part of the complex standing up against the wall with writing (in white script) over the upper parts of my chest and body. 


As I was slowly able to move again, I began to make my way back to the central part of the complex, and I noticed something very strange.  All of the “believers” were there, but it appeared that all of the non-believers had disappeared.


It what could best described as a “time stood still” moment Holy Spirit began to speak to me…he said


“I have removed all of the others from your presence for their protection for my children have failed to do what I have entrusted them to do – to love, to heal, to deliver, to bring the kingdom to the lost and so much more.  The writing on your body represents the lost opportunities, those missed or ignored divine appointments that I set for you, it is not a point of commendation or even conviction but a notice to you so you can make a difference”


Tears were flowing down my face as time started again, as Holy Spirit showed me the wonderful blessing I had missed by being a blessing, but hope began to stir in my spirit at the same time


I ran through the complex, grabbing folks by the arm saying “come with me, follow me”…and the throng of people began to flow into the central open space of the complex.


I grabbed a microphone and began to speak…sharing with them what Holy Spirit had said and shown to me…and I asked a simple question


“how many of you have let opportunity and divine appointments with brothers, sisters, parents, spouses, and so many other slip by – believing that there was going to be more time to share the gospel, to bring healing, deliverance and the promises of the Kingdom?  Look around how many of those that were with you earlier are not hear any longer?  Papa says He has them, but we have to quit “going” to church and start “being” the church…to live the gospel instead of only preaching the gospel…”



While not everyone seemed to understand, a large number of them did and they fell to their knees, asking God to show them the missed opportunities, committing to Him to change and asking for His intervention.



Then I heard Holy Spirit say -


“This is the start of the Great Awakening”